Kit Contents. 
1. Flow Powder
2. Flow Activator 
3. Small glass facial bowl 
4. Facial Brush 
5. Measuring Spoons
5. Organic Cotton Facial Ba
The benefits
– Strengthens capillaries which help to reduce dark circles, puffiness, provide nourishment to the skin.
– Anti-inflammatory and protects against oxidation damage
– Neutralises enzymes that destroy connective tissue
– Assisting the Circulatory system to function at its best, providing Lymphatic Drainage and supporting the Vascular Network to clear toxins from the skin and feed the skin inside out.
Apply the mask and as it sets it tightens, feeding the skin fresh blood, oxygen & nutrients while helping the lymphatic flow.
You have to try it to feel and see the PRIN FACE MASK because there is really nothing else like it ????
$135 per kit, giving you approximately 6 masks when used as directed